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Our Advantage

At Jay Greer & Co., we are driven to secure your financial independence. To accomplish that, we apply our expertise to the heart of financial planning: money management.

With over 60 years of industry experience, we focus on crafting custom investment portfolios that manage for risk, satisfy short-term needs, and lay the foundation for tomorrow. While providing a range of portfolios from the conservative to the moderately aggressive, we never try to beat the market. We believe successful investing is predicated not on timing markets, but on time in the market.  

As a defining feature of our firm, client portfolios are run by an investment committee that meets at least four times a year. By taking a team-driven approach to planning, our professionals combine their individual knowledge and experience to form a truly dynamic collective. As your strategic partner, we’ll integrate your financial strategies so you can retire with confidence, knowing your assets are in good hands.

Our Philosophy

Relationships are key. At Jay Greer & Co., we strive to build personal and trusted connections with clients. While larger firms struggle to avoid conflicts of interest, we derive our success solely from long-term relationships. Those long-term relationships can only exist when our clients are truly satisfied.

To protect you and your family from any rush to judgment, we encourage you to meet with our team at least three times before hiring our services. While our first meeting centers on learning about your goals and values, our second discussion dives deeper into the ideas, the plans, and the ways in which our firm operates and receives compensation.

After our first two meetings, we advise clients to take time to think about it and assess their options. If they decide to move forward, we’ll use our third meeting to start the process and put their investment plans into action.

At Jay Greer & Co., we partner with clients we’re confident we can help. That’s our advantage.