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We have more than 60 combined years of experience as investment consultants. However, we also understand that managing your money goes beyond choosing stocks or investment funds. Some of your most important financial decisions may involve things like the most advantageous way to claim social security, planning for changes due to a divorce, choosing your retirement date, or how to allocate an inheritance. Our clients know they can also come to us for personalized advice when it’s time to make these and other types of life-changing decisions.

Independent, But Not Alone

Through our association with Blue Water Asset Management, a registered investment adviser, we have increased access to our custodians’ industry leading technology and support as well as investment programs and financial products that are typically not available to retail, or do-it yourself investors.

Our association with Blue Water Asset management gives us more flexibility to focus on and prioritize our client’s needs.

Registered Investment Advisors Are Required To Act In Your Best Interest

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

The Next Step Is No Risk

There is no charge and no ongoing commitment necessary to set up a first meeting for financial advice that goes beyond investments. Contact us today if you’re interested in exploring whether we’re the right financial guidance partner for you.